Re: 96-29A and B

Rainer Kracht (
Sat, 18 May 96 00:28 +0100

I don't know, where Paul Maley has made his observations of 96-29A and B.

>From: (Maley, Paul D.)
>To: (Rainer Kracht)
>Date: Fri, 17 May 1996 15:37:48 -0500
>Subject: RE: site coordinates

>>>>>>>Well, I do use several sites. The one I gave you first (29.4711 is 
>not the right one! I am very sorry).

In seesat-l archive/latest/1873 Paul Maley wrote:

>This morning 14 March at 1120 GMT we had an excellent pass from League City, 
>Texas (29.5378 N and 95.0868W) with the apparent tether length exceeding 2.1 

Perhaps his observations of 96-29A and B were made from 29.5378N, but
because he uses several sites I don't know.

 Rainer Kracht  1996 May 17
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