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Josh R. Williams (
Fri, 17 May 1996 15:06:38 -0400 (EDT)


It is funny you asked this, because I have not observered 10 objects :) 
When I began visually observing satellites it was the beginning of winter 
so of course knowing Michigan weather it would be clear all day and then 
cloud right up at dusk.. I will give you the ratings of the ones I have 
seen and they were all bright:

Mir Space Station (16609, of course :))
Lacrosse 2 (21147)
Lacrosse 1 (NK)
Cosmos 1933 (18958)

Otherwise I have not seen any satellites do to the weather :(.. Not if we 
were talking about radio intercepts the list would be signifigantly 
longer.. I am hoping to make this list long as we go into the summer 
month and my schedule lightens up a little..

Has anyone else (perhaps in the southern hemisphere) come up with a 
better more extensive list to share with the list?

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On Fri, 17 May 1996, Walter Nissen wrote:

> > From: (Josh R. Williams) 
> > Subject: Top ten Bright ones! 
> > I was wondering could anyone give me a top ten list of the best and 
> > Brightest Sats. that are visible in the Northern Hemisphere above 40 
> > degrees Lat.... I already have Mir as the Number one Satellite to look 
> > for, any others? Thanks... 
> Many moons have come and gone since you asked this question.  We know that 
> Jay Respler's list, given embodiment by TS Kelso's VISUAL.TLE, is the best 
> answer to the "Top 100", but are you now prepared to tell us what your 
> list of the "Top 10" would be?  Others? 
> Cheers. 
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