Observation of 80000 and 80001

Maley, Paul D. (PMALEY@GP808.jsc.nasa.gov)
Thu, 16 May 1996 07:59:23 -0500

After cloudy mornings since the Titan IV launch, I observed 80000 and 80001 
from League City, Texas. About 20 minutes prior, I was able to video tape 
the NOSS 2-1 B,C, and D triad (objects 20692, 20691, 20682).  All 3 objects 
were about +5.5 magnitude.

80000 was about magnitude +2 at a range of 474 st. mi. elevation 48 azimuth 
304. Cannot comment on brightness variation due to cloud interferecne.
80001 was magnitude +5 at a range of 513 st. mi. elevation 41 azimuth 304.

One position was marked for each object based on video records using a low 
resolution lens. Unfortunately, 80000 was blocked by clouds most of the time 
and the following position is valid to plus or minus 0.5 degrees.

09h40m00s  UT       R.A. (1950.0) 15h20m           Dec. +62.0

Object 80001 was tracked for about 2-1/2 minutes in the clear and was around 
+5 magnitude most of the time. The following position is probably good to 
1/4 degree.

09h44m39s UT       R.A.(1950.0) 14h49m                Dec. +59.1

The second object was  about 4m 40 seconds behind the first.

Paul Maley
email:   pmaley@gp808.jsc.nasa.gov