Likely Titan IV Rocket OBS, 1045 UT, 14 May 96
Tue, 14 May 1996 06:16:28 -0500

Using Bjorn's elements for a 2132 UT launch (not 1932 ut !),
it was observed at about 1044UT 14 may 1996.  The track was about
4 degrees to the east of that plotted by Skymap and time was within
10 seconds.

Magnitude about 3, steady.  I do have several positions but need
to verify by back and forth between atlas and visual sightings.

Due to daylight, that is not possible now.  Will attempt to provide
approximate positions/times but accurate ones may have to wait until

Again, Bjorn's elements were great timewise but the observed
path is a few degrees east.  Thanks guys.

Ron Lee
Falcon, CO (Position in Skymap database)