Launch time for Titan-4/NUS Launch from VAFB
Sat, 11 May 1996 21:24:52 -0500

JUst read that the time for this launch is 14:32 PDT (21:32 UT)
Does this help with the elements?


MO>To bisect the NOSS 2-1 and NOSS 2-2 planes, creating three planes spaced 
MO>equally about 120 deg in longitude, launch would have to occur about
MO>12:18 PDT. This is within the launch window. The Titan IV launched from
MO>VAFB on 2 Aug 93, which blew up, launched at a time that would have placed
MO>it nearly 150 deg east of NOSS 2-1, and 90 deg west of NOSS 2-2. On 12 May,
MO>a launch at 14:29 PDT would duplicate this spacing. Of course the ultimate
MO>spacing could have been quite different. NOSS 2-1 lingered for about 12 days
MO>in a 61 deg, 300 km orbit, and a later a 61 deg, 455 km orbit, before manoeu
MO>to the NOSS 63.4 deg, 1100 km orbit. In that case, the desired plane was the
MO>NOSS 1-8 plane, so it appears that the low orbit was designed to permit the
MO>NOSS 2-1 plane to catch up to NOSS 1-8 plane, perhaps due to a late launch.
MO>The apparent catch-up was about 17 deg, relative to NOSS 1-8. Another
MO>possible explanation is that the fourth payload 90050A, had to placed in a
MO>different plane than the NOSSs.