Re: 95-32 B and DRA

Leo Barhorst (
Thu, 9 May 96 21:22:15 PDT

Hello Walter, Bart, Jay, Mike, Jim and Kurt.

The last week and a half I've been following the DRA-discussion
on 95-32 B. I'm glad the DRA-poject is gaining some momentum again;
lets hope it's ACCELERATING :-))

It's nice to hear that my observations are used for DRA.

I agree with Kurt that using the start time is the only logical way
on reporting your observation (for DRA of course, for PPAS we have 
to stick to the end-time tradition). Using a chrono with multiple lap-
timings (mine goes up to a 100!) you can simply write down the times
as diplayed on the chrono; so avoiding mistakes in calculating the

It will be a good thing to submit a PPAS obs also of the DRA obs.
Adding DRA to the remarks is a good proposal.

A DRA database will be great. I think it could be best set up as
a seperate database per satellite. Then each database is made up
by pages; every DRA-obs on a new page. In this way you get a "book"
per satellite of the DRA-obs. Putting one obs per page also solves
the problem how to create a fitting frame for all those different
obs (from a few timings to a 100).
I'll try to make an example.

Bye for now,

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