RE: Upcoming Titan-4/NUS Launch from VAFB
Tue, 7 May 96 16:37:41 PST

John Pike wrote:

>A Titan 4 no-upper stage is currently scheduled for launch from Vandenberg
>Air Force Base on Sunday 12 May, with a window announced as between noon and
>4 PM Pacific time. Based on an earlier announcement, subsequently withdrawn,
>of a launch window between 3-7 PM Pacific, local observers are anticipating
>a launch at around 3 PM Pacific.
>As of this writing, no further information is available concerning the
>configuration of this launch vehicle or of the shroud.
>Stay tuned for further developments.

On 1 May Ted Molczan wrote:
>Why the transfer? The Titan IV awaiting launch
>on 12 May'96 from Vandenberg AFB could offer a 
>clue. USA 33 is very old, even by recent KH-11 
>standards, so it is reasonable to expect it to be 
>replaced soon, certainly sometime this year.
>If the May launch turns out to be USA 33's 
>replacement, then it would not surprise me to
>find it in a standard 14.77 rev/d orbit, with RAAN
>spaced about 48.9 deg west of USA 116. At about
>that time, USA 116 would drop its perigee to
>the standard altitude, and resume its sun-synch,
>14.77 rev/d operation.

If we assume this scenario, would that allow us to make a more accurate estimate 
of the launch time?
Stu Huston
05/07/96                   16:30:29
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