About specific SpaceArt books

Bram Dorreman (a183231@nlevdpsb.snads.philips.nl)
Thu, 2 May 1996 06:41:21 GMT

      My eldest son, Chris, who designed the front page of "Flash",
   is very much interested in Space Art. He has created some lovely
   paintings of this kind himself. A lot of inspiration he obtains
   from a book called:
   "Cycles of Fire" by William Hartmann and Ron Miller and published
   by Aurum Press. This book suggests that these two people also
   wrote and illustrated books:
   "Out of the Cradle"
   "The Grand Tour"
   Until now I was not succesful in finding these books in Holland and
   Belgium and now I try abroad. May be one of you know more about
   these publications and can submit me some information.
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