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Date: Tue, 1 Mar 2022 11:05:03 +0100

I sometimes see reports of binocular sightings of geo sats. But what I'm
missing in many of those reports is the /type/ of binocular used, and the
environment in which those obs were made.

We all know that large binoculars might perform better than smaller ones,
but omitting the type (with the basic parameters 'magnification x
objective') makes it difficult to get a grip of how probable it is to see
something. It's easy to ... boast that one can see sats with a pair of
binoculars, but to me it is cheating by not mentioning the fact that these
might e.g. be huge bino's supported by parallelograms, sighted from some
desert far away from all light pollution. Just to make clear that this
group deserves more accurate reportings. (A similar issue has to do with
time reports, that should always be done in UTC time, because this is a
global group).

For example, tells of different
quite interesting binocular observations, which gives the impression that
having (any kind of...) binoculars would suffice to see geo sats. Which
obviously won't be possible. [2] [3] give good hints.

Therefore, IMHO this community should understand that mentioning the
crucial numbers that go with binocular observations are important,
otherwise many people will be disappointed when they grab their little
binoculars. It would also benefit a report when giving an impression of the
Bortle class of the environment; this would raise the value of the
observation. It increases the scientific approach that this community is
capable of following.

Personally I have good quality 7x50 binoculars and am interested in using
those to see this phenomenon (but haven't seen it yet). I have been
observing this phenomenon with a Meade LX-200 telescope (for details, see
[1], unfortunately not quite scientific because posted on Facebook, forgive
meif you might not be able to access the pictures.)


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> Geo sat eclipse season begins.
> When to look around, for flares for your latitude.
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> Enjoy the show,
> Kevin
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