Re: RE: Flashing period of Ajisai (object 16908) at about 2.2 seconds

Date: Wed Mar 07 2012 - 14:13:35 UTC

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    Hi Derek, 
    I issued another photo of flashing Ajisai  I took on 19 Nov 2011 among several others that look quite similar . This photo of 10-second duration is very interesting as it shows well the changing pattern of flashes in a matter of a few seconds.This rather common phenomenon must be very difficult to interpret visually using binoculars, I mean.
    Alain Figer
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    Forgive me in advance.. I know nothing of flash period observations..
    Consider this as a question..
    Define visually.. Doesn't match what I can see with the binocsulars.
    Doesn't agree at all with what I have videoed and posted to my website..
    See everything titled EGP on..
    Scroll to the bottom.. Two Movies, 5 stacked JPG's ..
    Question.. Does the 2.2s period fit with the two times EGP "goes off"
    (blinking madly)in the "Disco Ball in Space"?? 
    That's the only pattern I have seen in EGP.. and with close inspection it is
    more than two times as it ramps up and ramps down as it passes the same
    azimuth as the Sun..
    If it is desired to have images that can determine both the speed and the
    flash pattern, let's talk because I could acquire them for you..
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    Subject: Re: Flashing period of Ajisai (object 16908) at about 2.2 seconds
    The photo IMG_3518 perfectly shows what can be seen visualy.
    Three flashes and then 1 missing.
    See PPAS for more obs.
    Leo Barhorst
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    Subject: Flashing period of Ajisai (object 16908) at about 2.2 seconds
    Hi all,
    On sept 14th, I took 2 series of photographs of the nice flashing satellite 
    Ajisai (EGP) 1986-61A, while it passed by Beta Ophiuci (21h04.5 UT) then by 
    Eta Scuti (21h06.6 UT). At first glance, the flashing pattern varies 
    significantly, because a lot of flashes are either missing or visible, 
    however it was rather easy to discover that a same pattern is repeating 
    every 2.2 seconds or so. The accuracy on this photometric period (2.2 plus 
    or minus 0.15 second) was limited by a 'rough' calculus of the angular speed
    of the satellite. I couldn't measure it directly on the photographs as usual
    (each pic being of 4 second exposure time) because only dots are visible so 
    that I cannot define accurately the very beginning and the very end of the 
    4-sec track. Otherwise it would be easy to guarantee a period at 0.01 sec, 
    due to the sharpness of the dots.
    I issued as examples, 2 such photos on my Flickr's site :
    Alain Figer, France
    2.128° E ; 48.673°N ; 170 m asl
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