Re: Caught ISS on the Sun, but ....

From: Thierry Legault (
Date: Sun Mar 27 2011 - 15:47:37 UTC

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    hi Guiseppe, in addition with David's explanations about
    interlaced videos, I would say that you should try to
    change the setting to 50 fps, there is a chance that it
    solves the problem. You can make tests on a fast
    target, for example a laser spot projected on a wall
    and quickly moved by hand.
    At 16:38 25/03/2011, Giuseppe N. Gerbore wrote:
    >I caught ISS crossing the Sun, but ISS is "double".
    >There are six frames equally spaced about 40 ms, 
    >all with double image . Fps was 25.
    >This is one:
    >Any hints? My cam may reach 50 fps if necessary.
    >Giuseppe Gerbore, Modena, Italy
    >4438'14"N, 1054'05"E, 57m
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