Strange flares on my meteor camera

Date: Thu Mar 24 2011 - 17:55:12 UTC

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    I'm operating some meteor cameras here in Switzerland (Gais, 47.36 N, 9.45
    E). Since last year my cameras detect very bright satellite flares. They
    are about -2mag and nearly point like. The duration is about 1-2 seconds.
    The flares sometimes occur in the middle of the night. I guess these
    flares are from a high altitude or nearly geostationary satellite. Do you
    have any idea which satellite causes these flares? Here are 4 events:
    1) 14.9.2010 23:41 UTC (watch with
    VLC-Player) (star map of approximately
    location, flare location is marked with a red circle)
    2) 30.9.2010 02:14 UTC
    3) 13.11.2010 04:42 UTC
    4) 22.3.2011 19:00:53s UTC: (sum image,
    flare direction is southeast)
    Mark Vornhusen
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