Falling Object 3/14/11

From: April Labrecque (aprilmwtie@earthlink.net)
Date: Mon Mar 14 2011 - 18:02:00 UTC

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    While driving to work this morning, I observed an object (meteorite or?) descending into my field of view out of the NNW at an approx altitude of  40 degrees, heading North then dissapprearing at an altitude of about 10 degrees. It was about 6:45am PDT and I was just about 10 miles South of downtown Los Angeles.
    Sorry about the lack of detail, I was on the freeway at the time.
    What struck me me about this object was it's distinct bright blue color.
    I've seen a number of meteorites over the years, daytime and night time, however, I have never seen this anything with this color before. Could this have been a man made object?
    Thanks- April
    April Labrecque
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