Re: Unknown 13 March 2011

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Mon Mar 14 2011 - 12:36:34 UTC

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    Hi Kevin
    I must have had 13 March on my brain to have put year 2013 -- good somebody 
    is more alert than I am!
    I am much more inclined to accept your inclination of 28 degrees than the 
    141 degrees that the program I used produced. I know I did a double take and 
    checked everything - ie time and positions but couldnt see anything 
    obviously wrong, so thought "well the program says so, so must be correct". 
    Now I know to be careful of that program - not written by any of our current 
    SeeSatters ! (but a reputable person none-the-less!) - must be a problem 
    with quadrant ambiguity, so Im perfectly happy with what you get - not 
    anything to get excited about - we have enough unknowns to track already!
    Got an 87 degree elevation pass of OTV-2 tonight - should be quite 
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