Sidereal Tracking vs Fixed Scope

From: Giuseppe N. Gerbore (
Date: Sun Mar 13 2011 - 15:10:35 UTC

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    Bad weather, no obs possible, let's revert to theory.
    We are capturing a LEO satellite on a CCD. There are two setups:
    1) Mount tracking stars in sidereal mode
    2) Mount still
    The trace on CCD should have a different slope, because in case 1 what we obtain is the resultant of Earth velocity vector and Sat velocity vector.
    Not being able to capture with two simultaneous setups on the same satellite I stop tracking in the middle of the FOV, thinking of obtaining a broken trace.
    See this image to understand what I mean.
    As far as now I could not prove the above.
    Either my reasoning is wrong or the effect is so small as to be undetectable.
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