Last ever Discovery sighting :(

From: George Kristiansen (
Date: Tue Mar 08 2011 - 18:36:46 UTC

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    Well, that's it. Discovery has graced the skies of the UK for the last
    time. I felt so priviledged to see it for a few minutes as a very
    faint dot just a few minutes after sunset tonight, closely followed by
    the ISS - it will land just 1.5 hours before it would pass again
    tomorrow - I think this will take a while to sink in. Wow. If I ever
    see Discovery in a museum again in the future, I will think of the
    amazing brightness it gave the ISS for a few days, and the beautiful
    passes of tonight and yesterday when it was falling away from the
    station - chasing it across the sky as if it doesn't want to leave. I
    will always remember how it fought with the sunset glow to shine for
    me one last time. The Shuttle was leading the station today, and I saw
    them both about a minute apart for a few minutes in the light evening
    sky. Priceless memories.
    George Kristiansen ( ).
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