RE: Error in Heavensat?

From: Derek C Breit (
Date: Sun Mar 06 2011 - 21:10:57 UTC

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    Were you just looking at the pass as it appeared, or did you right click and
    advance the time and recenter and put the satellite near rigel..
    i.e were the times the same??
    I say they weren't and this is the "error".. One (the Star Approaches)
    appears with the satellite by Rigel, but the passes, when first clicked to
    open the view starts with the satellite as it first clears the horizon.. Try
    it again, and right click on the path near Rigel and "Advance time to this
    moment" or whatever that says, then right click again and recenter..
    It will then match.. 
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    Hello all
    Before writing to the creator of Heavensat, I thought I might post this here
    Tonight I saw the ISS from my hometown Bruges, Belgium. Heavensat (Passes
    tab) predicted it would pass very near to Rigel (Beta Ori), to the south of
    Rigel. In Heavensat, with the option Star approaches, it also calculated a
    near pass of Rigel, but now north of the star. The distance between the two
    passes is about 25 arc min. Is used the same observing location and the same
    TLE for the calculations. Could this be an error in Heavensat 2.3.0?
    Kind greetings
    Dirk Devlies
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