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    Answers from  Sky Safari's author:
    > Questions are coming from the satellite observing community:
    > 1.  Can we edit or add satellite elements?  How often are elements 
    No, you cannot directly edit them.  You can update them as frequently 
    as you
    like.  Go to the Settings > Solar System screen.  At the bottom there 
    is a
    button to "Update Minor Body Orbit Data".  This puts the latest data 
    > 2.  Can the telescope and software system slew to keep up with LEO 
    Max slew is?
    We don't have anything in the program to directly track satellites.  
    You can
    GoTo a satellite, but it may be out of the field by the time you get 
    (unless geostationary).
    > I'd be happy to forward your answers to the SeeSat-L mailing list, 
    you're on there.
    > thanks for your great app!  Dan Laszlo
    Bill Tschumy
    Think Astronomy -- Longmont, CO
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    Recently started using Skysafari on iPad for telescope control 
    (LX-90).It works _wirelessly_ using SkyFi (or Orion's licensed/branded 
    equivalentStarSeek) boxwhich sets up an ad-hoc (peer-to-peer) wireless 
    network that the iPad joins.The box is velcro-ed to the scope's fork 
    arm and outputs RS-232 to theAutostar's input.The price of the box and 
    software are very reasonable and I got my box inthe mail from 
    Bintelshop here in Oz in a matter of days.Had to buy the Orion 
    branded/licensed version as the SkyFi was out of stockeven at the 
    maker's website.I can control the scope from quite a distance. Not sure 
    of the maximumrange.It's stated to work with any scope that accepts 
    RS-232 commands (there is alist to choose from in the setup of 
    Skysafari).Cabling was a little cumbersome until I bought a crimping 
    tool and some 6P6Cjacks and customised a telephone handset cable to be 
    the link.Eliminated a StarSeek-DB9 and home-made Meade #505 in favour 
    of just thecurly cord. Looks quite schmick.The Orion version came with 
    a DB-9 cable and a couple of cables for Orionscope controllers. I think 
    there's something there to update the firmwaretoo. No USB version 
    available for scopes like ?ETX or Ioptron cube/towermounts (though 
    could try a serial-USB converter if there is such a thing?)Also a cable 
    exists for use with the same software: provides RS-232 serialout of 
    iPad/Pod and potentially useable for other serial devices.If you want 
    to go this way you can do without the StarSeek/SkyFi box ofcourse, and 
    it's cheaper (but not as cool).Yet to get much use out of it as the 
    summer monsoon weather keeps cloudingor raining us out.Once I get it 
    working on the more fixed objects I'll try some satellites.As 
    commented, it shows the sats well, including a lovely chain of 
    geosats.Updates are available. Not sure if it accepts TLEs directly or 
    manuallythough.  Michael & Caroline Ricemc.rice@bigpond.com10 Samantha 
    Rd, CEDAR VALE Q 4285ph 5543 1873 mob 0428 154 912 or 0407 735 192 
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    Ipad 2 is useless to me for my sat observingI was looking at the info, 
    on the apple Ipad 2 that's coming out.Let's see, unless I am mistaken, 
    there's no usb port like I have on mydesktop = can't use a usb to 
    serial adaptor, to connect my scope to it.So the nexremote software, 
    which could run on it from what I see, has no wayto connect to the 
    mount and control it, just like the satellite trackersoftwareSo no 
    thanks, I stick to my pc. 
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