STS 131 Ascent to ISS Trajectory Spreadsheet

From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Sat Mar 27 2010 - 00:55:40 UTC

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    The ascent trajectory and look angles are primarily of interest to observers
    near the east coast of North America, interested in observing the shuttle
    during its ascent to orbit. STS 131 will be launched at night, but will
    begin to exit eclipse about 3 min after launch. The sun will be above the
    horizon at more northerly latitudes, making visbility more challenging than
    I have produced an MS Excel spreadsheet to compute azimuth, elevation, R.A.
    and Dec, an indication whether the shuttle is in sunlight, or the umbra or
    penumbra of Earth's shadow, and the fraction of illumination (based on a
    sphere), during STS 131's ascent to orbit on its mission to ISS:
    To use, enter your observation site co-ordinates and the date and time of
    lift-off, in the specially labelled cells (those with red coloured font).
    The spreadsheet is set up for STS 131's scheduled launch on 2010 Apr 05 at
    10:21:22 UTC, as seen from Washington, D.C.
    I obtained the trajectory data from The CBS News Space Reporter's Handbook,
    by William Harwood:
    Scroll down to the SpaceCalc section, and see file for
    PC or for Mac.
    Ted Molczan
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