Re: List of Satellites by size?

Date: Thu Mar 25 2010 - 23:15:29 UTC

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    I can take a stab at a few....
    1a) Geosync listening station? (Echelon?)
    1b) NOSS cluster (by size)
    1) ISS
    2) Space Shuttle
       Hey, that's a really good question!
    > I am wondering if there is a reference list of the larger satellites? (
    > By larger I mean their physical structure and/or silhouette and not
    > their flash magnitude.)
    > I have begun to look for satellites during daylight Sun disk transits
    > but I think I may only be able to see larger class satellites. Hence I
    > need to narrow my list of possible sun crossers to the largest sats.
    > I have googled but cannot find such a list. Thank you in advance for any
    > information.
    > Thomas  /  New Mexico
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