Re: Optical 14 March 2010

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Tue Mar 16 2010 - 09:20:37 UTC

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    Morning Kevin
    Thanks for the orbit - Im pretty certain its wrong - NOT your fault but 
    because the arc is far too small. The odds are that the inclination is 
    somewhat less and its in a rocket in a transfer elliptical orbit with high 
    eccentricity. Anyway it would be pointless looking for it again and the 
    observations would only be of value if I got it again some time in the near 
    future by accident. Theres a lot of uncatalogued stuff in low inclination 
    orbits- I seem to see a lot of that but thats because Im always observing 
    northwards (90%) of the time so always picking up "junk" with inclinations 
    less than my latitude. If I observed more often Im sure I would have a 
    higher rate of recovering "unknowns" but Im getting lazier as I get older!
    Enjoy observing!
    Best wishes
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