Re: Program for daytime sats transiting Sun?

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Sat Mar 06 2010 - 13:20:27 UTC

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    Hi Gerhard
    Many thanks for your email. It looks like the problem may be with my FIREFOX 
    rather than anything else- also I was using a download accelerator so this 
    may have also mucked things up a bit. I have been having troubles with 
    FIREFOX but thought it was the program but from emails received today it may 
    be that my setup is causing the problem.
    I like your program!!!
    Best wishes
    >> I visited the URL given and found the download page but when I tried to
    >> download SATCAL V10.5 I was told by Firefox " Download aborted- file not
    >> found" so unable to download.
    > The site has had a major makeover recently. It seems 
    > that
    > it depends on the settings of the respective web browser whether you can 
    > see
    > anything or download anything. (I found that for instance you have to 
    > enable
    > Java Script to get any menu at all.) Before that I used to be able to 
    > access
    > the site and download even with very restrictive settings of my browser. 
    > I'll
    > pass the message on to the respective web administrator of that site.
    > Gerhard HOLTKAMP
    > Darmstadt, Germany 
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