Re:Flashes from Iridium 33 wreckage? NOT the main body

From: satrack\@libero\.it
Date: Tue Mar 31 2009 - 07:00:47 UTC

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    Hi Ramon,
    From a rapid check, I think you saw the JB-3 B (2002-049A) Sat, which passed at about half diameter under the moon at 19.43.52 UTC as you reported.
    Best Regards,
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    Date      : Tue, 31 Mar 2009 08:05:36 +0200
    Subject : Flashes from Iridium 33 wreckage? NOT the main body
    > Hi all,
    > I'm new on the list, but have been following the hypermail archive for
    > over a year (and being an amateur astronomer for about 15 years).
    > Yesterday I wanted to look for Iridium 33 flashes, having detailed
    > predictions from private conversation with Simone Corbellini and about
    > 10 before the time that the main body passed (which I missed,
    > unfortunately) I saw another satellite passing and flashing in a
    > slightly different orbit. Below is the description I send to her.
    > Unfortunately, I was unprepared as I was making sure that I would be
    > able to see the right part of the sky so didn't have my camera ready..
    > <
    > Hi Simone,
    > while checking the right spot to stand I observed a series of flashes
    > already! The satellite passed from southwest to northwest and flashed
    > with an interval of about 5 seconds, counted by hand.. it passed very
    > close (less than a Moons diameter, less than half a degree) below the
    > Moon at 19:43:50 UTC (-5, +10 seconds), extrapolating its trajectory
    > along the line from Bellatrix (upper right in Orion) to Aldebaran,
    > with about 3 1/2 flashes in the part from Bellatrix to Aldebaran. The
    > flashes had an orange hue and mostly reached +2, maybe +1 for the
    > brightest. I first saw a flash near Orion's Nebula, and observed a
    > dozen (ten or so) flashes. I was unable to follow it past the Moon due
    > to the location of my balcony...
    > What could it have been?
    > >
    > Because the flash period was in the 5 second range, I expect it has
    > something to do with Iridium 33?
    > Best regards,
    > Ramon van der Hilst
    > N52.309349 E4.980905
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