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Date: Mon Mar 30 2009 - 13:48:04 UTC

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    I have been using Boshart's SatTrack for some time now to track high 
    sats.  It works most of the time but I have an increasing list of high 
    satellites that it won't track.  Very strange.  The program will track 
    some and will not point correctly to others.  I can not find what the 
    common factor is about those it will not track.
    The program is not ready to be distributed until this bug is fixed.
    To track High sats I have the following procedure.  My telescope is a 
    CPC1100.  After alignment, scope tracking can be set to an approximate 
    GEO tracking rate called "OFF".  The telescope retains alignment in this 
    mode as it slews to targets.  MaximDL controls my camera and telescope. 
      Use another program, GUIDE or HEAVENSAT, to find the RA/Dec of the 
    target satellite 1 minute in advance.  Put these coordinates into 
    MaximDL and slew the scope to that position.  Take the image.  I have 
    imaged about 8 satellites this way that I thought were lost because they 
    could not be seen by SatTracker.
    I have now given up on SatTracker.  If the author ever fixes it I would 
    be glad to use it.
     > (Which was my primary reason for buying a scope with tracking!)
     > I gave up trying after several firmware upgrades didn't correct the 
     > Now I use Boshart's SatTrack  (LXSAT) that tracks high objects OK, 
    but I'm not yet convinced about early-late sats.
     > It would be nice though to be able to upload elsets into the 
    Autostar, to be usable for a few days, and not having to expose the 
    laptop to dew and cold.
     > /Björn
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     >> Has anyone noticed how the Meade software does not track geosats? It
     >> point where it thinks the geosat is, based on the TLE, then moves East
     >> (and down) as time advances, as if there is a time term missing that
     >> should be correcting the position to stay where it it. ...
     >> Second, does the error start when the calculations are first made or
     >> when the telescope is first pointed? Both of these problems impact not
     >> only tracking geosats but probably LEOs as well.
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