upcoming decay?

From: Ed Cannon (edcannonsat@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Mar 26 2009 - 05:00:28 UTC

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    Last weekend we had very low (150 miles/240 km)
    passes of 28506 (04-052B, Sich 1M Rk, an SL-8).
    I regret that unfortunately I managed to miss 
    all of them, including a near-zenith pass last
    Saturday evening during a star party.  Sigh.
    This object is in an somewhat eccentric but 
    very low orbit.  I didn't come up with it in 
    any of SpaceTrack's decay predictions (not 
    even 60-day), but it seems to me that it 
    probably can't last a lot longer.  Its in a 
    near-polar prograde orbit and so could decay 
    almost anywhere on the Earth.
    Aerospace.org doesn't have any decay indicated
    after March 3.
    So anyway, this is just a heads-up in case 
    someone may get a good pass or even see it 
    I did manage to show Superbird A (20040) to
    several people at the star party.  I didn't
    have predictions for it but was able to 
    remember where Mike and I had watched it a 
    few nights before.
    Ed Cannon - Austin, Texas, USA
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