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From: Derek C Breit (breit_ideas@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed Mar 25 2009 - 16:17:09 UTC

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    How does this video recording work - time runs continuously, but the track 
    is integrated !?
    Could positions at ends (or starts?) of track segments be assumed to match 
    the time when the segment disappears (appears), or is there an (unknown?) 
    delay between those events?
    This video is captured with a Mintron integrating camera, in this case set
    to integrate 'x128'. This is 128 fields (or 64 frames). 128 x 0.0167s per
    NTSC field = 2.138s exposures.. PAL = longer exposures.. 
    The output is recorded from the 'video out' (RCA Jack) at 30 frames /second
    after running thru the KIWI OSD GPS video time inserter..
    If you step thru the video until the image changes, when it FIRST APPEARS,
    the end of the trail with regards to the direction of travel is accurate to
    the timestamp +/- 0.017s when viewing frames or +/- 0.008s when viewing
    fields.. It is a little labor intensive, especially since I am 'new', but it
    is accurate as hell..
    There is no delay in the Mintron.. (There is a delay of a full frame in a
    Watec 120N).
    In my case, I use a 12" LX200 classic on homemade wooden wedge to drive an
    Orion ST80 that has the Mintron attached to it. This yields a FOV of ~ 1.6 x
    1.2 degrees and stars to mag 13 +.
    This setup will be better in a day or so, as I am getting collimatable guide
    scope rings delivered in the next day or so (note the wooden spacers in the
    attached image). Currently the 12" scope does not point anywhere in the ST80
    FOV. When they both line up, I will start running two cameras. One will
    integrate, and one will be real time 30fps video..
    I wish I had a second Mintron.. Putting that on the 12" scope gives me mag
    16+ (on the tracked stars)..
    PS.. Soon I will change the Video Output from the Mintron and start using
    the luminance channel from the S Video jack..
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