Re: Satellite Elements from Astrometric Observation.

From: Marco Langbroek (
Date: Wed Mar 25 2009 - 12:08:38 UTC

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    Greg Roberts schreef:
    > It is a bit unfortunate that the astrometric programs currently 
    > "readily" available cannot handle trailed stars as there are many 
    > instances where stars are trailed- eg tracking on an asteroid or comet 
    > which do not move at sidereal rate. One would have thought that after 
    > all these years such software would exist. I am aware of one program but 
    > it is not easily available - Im trying to get a copy of it at the moment.
    Indeed. This is one reason why I use AstroRecord, as it was programmed with 
    trailed star images in mind (it originally is an astrometric program for meteor 
    images, which are never guided).
    It is however semi-automatic only: you have to manually click the start of the 
    reference star trails (and satellite trails). After identifying 3 stars by 
    comparing to a map it starts giving identity suggestions for stars at clicking 
    though, making it somewhat easier as after a few clicks on stars and checking 
    their ID, you can just click away on stars without bothering (usually after 4-5 
    stars it will always be correct, and otherwise you note it as the fit accuracy 
    is indicated and a wrong suggestion will show a large error).
    - Marco
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