Re: Video - #90070 in Orion

From: Scott and Becky Campbell (
Date: Wed Mar 25 2009 - 12:00:44 UTC

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    Good Day Björn,
    > How does this video recording work - time runs continuously, but the 
    > track is integrated !?
    > Could positions at ends (or starts?) of track segments be assumed to 
    > match the time when the segment disappears (appears), or is there an 
    > (unknown?) delay between those events?
    I have used this same type of equipment in integrated mode to track 
    satellites and it is just as you describe.  When reducing the 
    observations from the recording you need to advance the video until the 
    exact moment between satellite streaks.  The camera dumps the streak 
    after the integration but the time inserter continuously records, so you 
    need to find and time the end of the streak.
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