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Date: Wed Mar 25 2009 - 06:31:50 UTC

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    With an inclination of around 27 degrees this would appear to indicate a launch 
    from Cape Canaveral and since its tumbling slowly it could be an Atlas Centaur 
    stage from a GTO launch. My notes indicate it is about magnitude 9 to 10 at a 
    range of 8500 miles and at around apogee is around mag 10.4 to +12.
    There are several such objects in the 90**** objects in Mikes catalog. They tend 
    to get lost quite easily as they usually have a low perigee and are infrequently 
    #90070 is another such similar object. The 90*** objects with inclination around 
    7-11 degrees seem to indicate a launch by ESA and are then probably associated 
    with Ariane launch vehicles, again probably GTO orbit objects.
    There are a large number of such objects in the 7-27 degree inclination range 
    that have not been cataloged despite being large and bright at perigee.
    Another object lost at the moment is 90040. I have apogee passes at the moment 
    but have failed to see it on several occassions.
    It would be nice if 90060 could be recovered. This is a DSP satellite  (#19) 
    that failed to complete its transfer to geostationary object so is stranded in a 
    GTO orbit. At apogee its about magnitude +11.5. At perigee it should be bright.
    The inclination is around 29 degrees . When I last tried to find it I tried 
    using its radio transmission to try and get an idea of the prediction error but 
    the satellite appeared to be only transmitting when near apogee - if it 
    transmitted at perigee it would then be a relatively simple matter to tie it 
    Maybe now that the number of observers is slowly increasing we will be able to 
    relocate these lost bright objects.....
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