Iridium 69 Flares Observed!

From: Marcus Clark (
Date: Tue Mar 24 2009 - 04:32:14 UTC

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    Hi! Just observed flares from Iridium 69 slightly earlier than predicted,
     The first was at approx 03:56:00 UTC, mag -1, az. NE, alt. 25 degrees (just above Cassiopea).
    It was very brief,  less than one second but longer than for Iridium 33.
     The second flare followed 14 seconds later at approx 03:56:14, mag -1, az. NE, alt. 25 degrees and again very brief.
    third flare was at approx 03:59:00 UTC, mag 5, az. E, alt. 50 degrees
    (in Lyra just below Vega) and lasted for 2 to 3 seconds. Although not
    as bright as the first two flares it lasted much longer and was 
    similar to the normal Iridium flares I am used to seeing.
     I will observe again tomorrow morning, weather permitting.
     All best wishes,
                      Marcus Clark
                      Torquay UK
                      50.5 N, 3.5 W
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