Unidentified satellite - need help with identification

From: T.J. Savereno (tsav@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Mar 23 2009 - 13:46:42 UTC

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    I'm looking for some help with a satellite identification.  I sent the original message below on March 18.  After anxiously waiting until now for a response and deciding that nobody could help me, I went back and looked at my confirmation email and realized that it had never been delivered because it contained rich text formatting.  Oh well, live and learn.  If anybody can help me I sure would appreciate it.  Thanks.
    I'm new to the community and hope that somebody will be able to help me identify a sighting I made within the past hour.  I'm located in Florence, SC, USA (34.1950N, 79.7630W).  On March 18th at approximately 0230 UTC, I saw an object track from SW to NE.  I say approximately because I did not have a watch with me, and it was several minutes before I returned to the house.  My approximation could have a variance of 5 minutes either way, but very unlikely more than that.  The object had a maximum elevation very near to 90 degrees and passed within a few degrees of Orion.  As it approached apogee it was very bright, probably a -1 or -2.  It appeared to be asymmetrical, narrower in its axis of travel.  At least that is the impression I had.  After reaching apogee it began to fade slowly and faded completely probably before it reached 45 degrees above the NE horizon.
    I believe the object was definitely a satellite, but I could find nothing that matched it on HeavensAbove.  Does anybody have an answer?  Thanks.
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