ISS Pass Mar 21

From: Dr. Stephen Bolton (
Date: Sun Mar 22 2009 - 00:18:57 UTC

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    Just observed an ISS-shuttle pass at 23:56 UT from my reasonably dark shy in
    New Brunswick, Canada. Limiting mag +5.
    The ISS rose in the WNW and became visible above trees at about 15 degrees
    elevation at that time it was approx mag -3 to -4.
    It then dimmed to perhaps -2 as it passed about 20 degrees below Polaris and
    continued to the NE.
    When it reached approximately 20 deg azimuth it again flared to, and I can
    compare to a mag -8 Ir 57 flare I saw in the same part of the sky 10 minutes
    before, mag -10! I am not exaggerating. It was a slow gradual brightening
    over 10-15 seconds and an equal fade as it entered the earth's shadow. I
    have never seen so bright a satellite.
    I also want to comment that there has been an apparent color change as ISS
    (plus shuttle) are noticeably less white and now a reddish color - reminds
    me of the old URAS satellite of a few years back.
    Stephen Bolton
    Lat 45.432 N
    Long 65.976 W
    E 100 m
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