thermal covers from iss= someone reported seeing objects in front of ISS

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Fri Mar 20 2009 - 06:15:47 UTC

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    I got the following email.
    I was conducting the monthly star party/show and tell out at Oak Hammock Marsh just north of Winnipeg tonight.  The ISS made its appearance right on schedule a few minutes after 9 CDT   As it got overhead the group gathered could see (from our perspective)  two or three faint lights out in front of the ISS equally spaced.   They were so faint at first they were just reflections off my glasses as the ISS was so bright but others who do not wear glasses saw them as well.  
    Any idea what those other objects could be?  They might not be actually in front of the ISS as they didn't appear in front until it had passed over us.  They could have been in a slightly lower orbit and just appeared in front from our perspective.
    Sounds like the observed the thermal covers, released during the spacewalk.
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