Wow! Iridium 30 and Iridium 96

From: gprichard (
Date: Wed Mar 18 2009 - 06:44:47 UTC

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    While observing on 19Mar09 I observed two objects heading from South to
    North. They were on an absolutely parallel course and very close
    together. My immediate assumption was they were a  NOSS pair. Then I saw
    that the trailing object was overtaking the leader. That eliminated
    NOSS. I have never seen two objects on a parallel course so close
    together...not even NOSS...there appeared to be well under 1/10th of a
    degree separation. Both objects faded to invisibility soon after they
    passed just West of Procyon. Later, using CalSky, I determined that the
    two objects were Iridium 30 and Iridium 96. I could not determine which
    was which using CalSky... they were too close together. I assume the
    faster object was Iridium 96 due to its lower orbit.
          Newcastle, Australia
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