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From: Leo Barhorst (
Date: Thu Mar 19 2009 - 18:42:41 UTC

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    Hi list,
    Just saw ISS and the shuttle making a beautifull pass.
    It passed above Sirius (alpha CMA) and was just a bright, but more yellower.
    When it moved to the east ISS became brighter and was brighter than Venus
    shining low in the west.
    Before it would disappear behind houses ISS entered shadow.
    I'm watching NASA TV over the internet and saw that the S6 has been 
    and is now bolted to the S5.
    On the worldmap that shows the orbits of ISS and the shuttle there is an 
    in the south atlantic marked SAA. That is I may have read somewhere the 
    Atlantic Anomaly. Can anyone clearify if this is correct and what that is?
    Greetings and clear skies,
    Leo Barhorst Almere The Netherlands
    52.3717 N 05.2580 E -2 m MSL 
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