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Date: Wed Mar 18 2009 - 06:09:16 UTC

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    Morning all
    Desmond King Heles OBSERVING EARTH SATELLITES had at least two editions, the 
    first one in 1966 and the second one in 1983. There is quite a bit of difference 
    between the two so both worthwhile reading.
    Another book that I found very useful was SATELLITE TRACKING by Stanley J.MACKO 
    and published by John F.Rider Publisher,inc in 1962.
    This has the following chapters (only the main ones):
    Orbital elements of a satellite
    How to calculate the approximate orbital elements of a satellite
    Orbital elements from Tracking Data
    How to use orbital elements
    Visibility of satellite and missile orbits
    Ballistic missile trajectories
    The Atlantic Missile range
    The book is very easy to read, the maths is pretty straight forward and its full 
    of real examples. Unfortunately it has a few mistakes in some of the equations - 
    this book was my "bible" in my early days.
    A book somewhat more advanced is ORBITAL MECHANICS FOR ENGINEERING STUDENTS by 
    Howard D.Curtis and published as part of the Elseview Aerospace Engineering 
    Series ISBN-13:978-0-7506-6169-0, ISBN-10:0-7506-6169-0.
    It covers all aspects of orbital mechanics including Preliminary Orbit 
    Determination,Orbital Maneuvers,Relative motion and rendezvous,Interplanetary 
    Trajectories,Satellite Attitude dynamics and Rocket Vehicle Dynamics amongst 
    others. There is also an appendix of MATLAB algorithms. First published 2005 and 
    reprinted 2006. The maths level can become a bit hairy at times so I would not 
    rate it as a book for beginners . I have found it very useful . It is still 
    available on the internet.
    Of course there are many other books but now one needs to be something of a 
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