Re: UNID glow - Thought I discovered comet

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Wed Mar 18 2009 - 04:52:48 UTC

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    At 02:16 PM 18/03/2009, Brad Young wrote:
    >Mightve seen a fuel dump? Thought it was a comet, but slowly faded. 
    >Right near search star for 90082, at 15h04m, +47.6. Pointed due 
    >north, at 150x, it started 7th mag, at 3:20 UT, gone by 3:31. Any 
    >ideas? Tried all tricks for reflection, changed eyepieces, 
    >etc.   TULSA1 +36,-96 Brad
    Running findsat against latest spacetack, classfd.tle and inttles.tle 
    only suspect was 83002J 13769 which is
    a rocket in a 1460 by 1650 74 deg obit that launched 8 cosmos 
    satellites. I assume these satellites were  soviet store/forward
    LEO comsats.
    Brad did it move relative to stars/ and or in az/elevation?
    Tony Beresford
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