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Date: Tue Mar 17 2009 - 22:34:31 UTC

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    As there are some new observers on this list it seemed like a good time to suggest a few books on satellite observing.  Not that there's much on this list - three books and two of them are by the same author - but I think these are required reading for serious satellite observers.  Two are out of print but should be available online.  
    If anyone has suggestions to add to this list please don't hesitate to do so....
    The list is as follows:
    Observing Earth Satellites by Desmond King-Hele (1983 Edition).  London, Macmillan.  ISBN 0-333-33041-2  
    (This is the best book available on the subject and it has not been surpassed 25 years after publication.)
    Artificial Satellite Observing and its Applications edited by Howard Miles.  (1974)  London, Faber and Faber.  ISBN 0-571-09600-X
    (This includes a chapter by See-Sat stalwart David Brierley and is more technical in places.  Includes a chapter by Geoff Perry on radio tracking.)
    A Tapestry of Orbits by Desmond King-Hele (2005 paperback edition).  Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.  ISBN 0-521-01732-7
    (D.G. King-Hele's autobiography, thoroughly recommended.)
    Best wishes
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