Re: Satellite Elements from Astrometric Observation.

Date: Tue Mar 17 2009 - 17:57:19 UTC

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    Hello Everyone:
      Thank you for all your pointers. They were all very helpful. I should
    not be surprised to see all the interest, or all the other efforts out
      My program will be open sourced. The structure will be modular and make
    use of sockets and shared memory to communicate between modules. The
    socket routines will allow modules to be spread across many platforms,
    or one single platform and communicate. Shared memory will be synced
    across machines to allow a common data interface between modules.
       If anyone would like to work together I'll set up a project wiki and
    project management system on I hear a lot of strong
    opinions and I know sometimes that makes people hard to deal with. But
    if any of you all would like to combine efforts in a collaborative
    effort. Let me know.
       Otherwise, thanks for the all the input. The pointer to the astrometry
    and the working programs are very helpful.
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