Re: Satellite Elements from Astrometric Observation.

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Tue Mar 17 2009 - 14:12:23 UTC

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    John Burns wrote
    > Greg,
    > You've pretty much hit it on the nose with what I was thinking.
    > I've created some image detection code which already detects bright  
    > points as an X,Y and brightness.  I'm then iterating through every  
    > possible set of 3 bright points in the image (brightest first) and  
    > calculating the angle and (relative) length of the sides for comparison.
    > Other problems may arise such as lens distortion, however this should  
    > be minimal at fields of view narrower than say 30 degrees.
    > I've got two pictures at the moment which are suitable for development  
    > but I'll definitely get back in touch once the code is ready for  
    > testing against other images.
    > John
    Fine John - just give a shout anytime you want and Ill be happy to provide.
    My images are max 6 degrees across but I usually work at 2 degrees or 0.9
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