Re: Satellite Elements from Astrometric Observation.

From: John Burns (
Date: Tue Mar 17 2009 - 10:35:31 UTC

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    Hello all.
    This is a very interesting topic.  I have experience with Image  
    processing and going to see how accurately I can detect stars and  
    their relative magnitude (relative to the brightest star) from an image.
    I'm attempting to do a contrast adjustment, edge detection, then pixel  
    brightness detection.  I'll then try and match the stars in order of  
    descending brightness.
    I've been looking on the Internet for some sky photos but I'm stuck  
    when I try and find out the viewers coordinates and time it was  
    taken.  Central London skies are far from ideal for this.  Can anyone  
    help? I'm after around 10 images of varying quality with a good few  
    stars in them.   It would be great if you knew the names of a couple  
    of the stars in each too so I could confirm the code works correctly.
    I'm not too sure of how accurate observations should be but I'm hoping  
    that given enough observations from around the world, even the clock  
    in a digital camera (manually set to be +/- 1/2 second)  would be  
    accurate enough.
    I believe that should I get this image detection working, there is  
    probably only a small amount of work interfacing to some of the  
    already existing software developed by observers on this list.
    On 16 Mar 2009, at 20:48, Greg Roberts wrote:
    > Good evening
    > Need I add my name ?  Im sure everyone knows how much I hate having  
    > to reduce the observations I make - it would be "heaven" to have  
    > something that does it automatically or even semi-automatically. I  
    > would then probably increase my output as at the moment I stop  
    > observing when I know Ive got a days reduction waiting for me the  
    > next day, so YES I also would be VERY INTERESTED!!!!
    > Cheers
    > Greg
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