OT: Orbital Radius / Semi-major Axis

From: John Burns (seesat@john.geek.nz)
Date: Mon Mar 16 2009 - 18:48:44 UTC

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    Sorry for the off topic posting, but I thought someone might be able  
    to confirm or correct me on this.
    I'm trying to work out the semi-major Axis of the ISS.
    I've got an eccentricity of .0009604 and a mean motion of 15.71470012
    n =  0.00114280524190645 (radians per second from the mean motion)
    GM = 398600.4418 (Geocentric gravitational constant)
    orbitalRadius = cuberoot (GM / n^2) = approx 6732.8 metres
    Using the above formula is this orbital Radius actually the semi-major  
    I've been pulling my hair out looking through Keplers equations and  
    still not confident I'm right.
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