Aging Elsats

Date: Sat Mar 14 2009 - 18:45:58 UTC

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    Hi all.
    Would it be helpful to post aging  elsats for classified objects as a flag to 
    make observations?  
    selected aging elsats for NOSS sats:
    Noss 0 A 74d
    Noss 0 E 87 d
    Noss 1 D 40d
    Noss 4E 45d
    Noss 4F 45d
    Noss 5G 45d
    When I looked through the age of elsats for some classified objects, I saw  
    numbers ranging up to 765 days.  Maybe there could be some sort of Alert  type 
    thing, calling for observations for objects with an old elsat?
    Peter Gertson
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