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Date: Sat Mar 14 2009 - 18:19:34 UTC

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    On the basis of the flare that has been reported today, I have generated new predictions for tonight.
    Results are available at: 
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    Date      : Sat, 14 Mar 2009 00:41:52 EDT
    Subject : An Unusual Satellite Observation
    > I wanted to pass along an unusual observation  made by John Bortle, the 
    > well-known
    > comet observer who has been an assiduous  observer of the sky for over 
    > 50-years.  
    > John E-mailed me late tonight  (Friday, March 13) after observing this 
    > "double satellite"
    > from his home in  Stormville (Dutchess County), NY.  Has anyone an idea as to 
    > what 
    > John  might have seen?
    > -- joe  rao
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    > Saw  something a bit on the peculiar side while out observing this evening. 
    > Right  around 8:30 PM, as I went from the eyepiece to the desk to consult a 
    > chart,  something caught my eye up in the north.
    > Right where the Big Dipper's  handle meets the bowl was a brilliant star of 
    > about -2 magnitude with a  companion of about magnitude +2 just a degree or two 
    > below it. To the unaided  eye they appeared essentially stationary and only 
    > on looking through my 10x50's  was I able to detect a very slow motion toward 
    > the north-northeast. Both slowly  faded as they crept along, although the 
    > companion did slowly brighten back up  for a brief time and exceeded the primary in 
    > brightness but by that time they  were both binocular objects. After 
    > traveling perhaps ten degrees the fade  out.
    > Heavens About didn't seem to indicate anything, at least that I  could find, 
    > for that time period when I checked. Awfully slow motion but  unusually bright 
    > (like the ISS). 
    > -- John
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