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Date: Sat Mar 14 2009 - 15:38:45 UTC

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    . . . to both Derek and Simone for their analysis of what
    John Bortle  might have observed from his Stormville, NY home 
    evening.  He E-mailed  me this morning, commenting that:
    "An interesting yet still bizarre  sighting. I expect that the layman would 
    have reported a UFO event on seeing  something so bright and virtually 
    stationary in the sky like this!"
    On a  different note, 
    I hope we get a shot at seeing the Shuttle launch tomorrow  evening; I'll be 
    going to the Putnam Valley (NY) Elementary School which has  a wide-open view
    toward the east and southeast.  This might be my last  opportunity to
    see a Shuttle launch at night from my latitude . . . I believe  the final 
    eight missions
    are tentatively all scheduled to be daylight  missions. 
    Actually, it would be better for us if the launch came on  Monday . . . 
    then, the Shuttle would become illuminated by the Sun as it  comes north 
    and rises into space.  That would certainly enhance the  vehicle's brightness 
    and would allow us an extended view of both the orbiter  and external tank 
    separation after MECO.  At the point of MECO tomorrow  night, the orbiter
    and external tank still has the Sun less than two degrees  below their 
    horizon (from an altitude of ~105 km).
    -- joe rao
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