Iridium 33 and an EGP question and an Image Posted

From: Derek C Breit (
Date: Fri Mar 13 2009 - 19:06:01 UTC

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    First an update.. I failed to match Kevin Fetter's great Iridium 33 video. I
    did tape what should have been 33 in a very large FOV, and saw no variation
    on a very dim sat. I will try again as passes and weather permit..
    But a question about EGP.. I assume there is no reason to get a positional
    measurement of EGP and I can therefore use a different setup with no time
    inserter in an effort to get a 'pretty video'?
    I am still looking at what else I can see tonight, including looking for
    another Iridium 33 pass..
    PS.. I did acquire an image showing my setup's capabilities..
    Pretty pleased with this!
    PSS.. I did see Milstar 3 Flare Nicely.. I should post that image too.. is where it will be shortly..
    Scroll down to the lower right of the page for the link.
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