Closest approach ...Astra 2 group

From: T V I (
Date: Thu Mar 05 2009 - 08:39:30 UTC

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    This afternoon should see the closest approach by DSP 23 to the Astra 2 group at 28.5 degrees east.
    Forecast here in cloudy  , nearly bankrupt UK  , is surprisingly good for tonight . A brief break should bring clear skies for a time , but the downside is the bright Mooon.
    This is about par for the course here.I reckon that I get one clear(ish) evening in ten , if I'm lucky !
    So , there may be chance to see DSP departing the danger zone as soon as darkness falls.By then it will be heading south , and away from the Astras.
    The geos should brighten up in my sector from around 2200 , but again , subject to a bright Moon. :o(
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