Re: Conspiracy theory by Russians regarding satellite collision

Date: Wed Mar 04 2009 - 22:09:25 UTC

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       These stories are not meant for the rest of the world. They are meant
    for consumption by the base Russian population. Local rags in Russia
    are more along the lines of the National Enquirer rather than a *-Times
    paper. I don't know about the Komsomolyets publication today but 20
    years ago this was the news magazine for the Komsomol. Along the lines
    of Boys Life magazine for the Boy Scouts USA. I'm remembering a post
    Gulf-War I issue of Soviet Soldier that had an article stating that the
    U.S. made use of UFO technology in the M-1 to explain why the T-72 had
    performed so poorly in combat. Just keep in mind this is not for our
    > A quick check of the relative orbits of the two OE objects on Space
    > Track (or Heavens Above) should demonstrate the ludicrousness of this
    > story.
    > ---
    > Brian
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