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From: daniel crawford (
Date: Wed Mar 04 2009 - 10:08:10 UTC

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    Hello folks,
    I don't contribute much to this list or the observing community - I do
    believe that I have read each and every post for the past 8 or so
    years.  I am rocked by the knowledge that I have collected by this
    group of fine people.  Thanks.  My 11 y/o son has several dozen
    (perhaps a hundred) ISS observations along with shuttles, Iridiums,
    NOSS and flashing sats.  I appreciate how my interest has grown and
    helped develop my son's interest.  It is also nice to have something
    that we can do together.
    I'd like to give back a little.  I'm a 'puter guy by trade - a unix
    sysadmin that has never programmed anything.  After 18 years of doing
    sysadmin, I have decided to take a programming class.
    I'm asking for suggestions on a programming project that would help
    the observing community.  If you have any thoughts on a tool that is
    desired, please let me know.
    PS - My 3 y/o daughter had a very animated discussion with the
    neighbor a few evenings ago.  I let them talk because I knew that my
    daughter was right, it was Venus not an airplane.  :)
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