LCROSS Mission as a SeeSat satellite imaging opportunity

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Date: Mon Mar 02 2009 - 21:18:15 UTC

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    Dear SeeSat List,
    The amateur lunar observing journal _Selenology Today_, special LCROSS mission issue No. 13, is available for download at: \\ (6.8Mb)
    The issue contains an article that I wrote concerning the NASA LCROSS lunar impact mission, now set for launch on May 20. 
    Pages 71-85 of the article discuss the following potential observing opportunities for the outbound LCROSS Centaur booster that may be of interest to members of the SeeSat list as a future satellite imaging opportunity: 
    6.1 Hydrogen and oxygen fuel dumps within the first 10 hours
    6.2 Trans lunar orbit imaging within first 30 hours
    6.3 Cruise phase imaging opportunities
    The article also reviews some similar historical trans lunar satellite imaging related to the Apollo 14 mission.  
    Pages 49-51 discusses pre-event practice imaging of  MStar 3 Centaur rocket booster, Int’l. Id. 1999-023B.    This booster will be well known to SeeSat list regulars, but is included in this general lunar interest articles.  Lunar observers will not have the same level of expertise as SeeSat list members in satellite observing. 
    Hope it is of interest to the group.  
    Clear Skies - Kurt 
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